Web Development

Web development as a whole is an essential component for e-commerce success and managing data and a large number of resources, as without a website the world would never know about a business’s products or services. When it comes to promoting your business brand these days, web application development is steadily becoming the trend for e-commerce companies around the globe.

Web Development at Alpha Codes

Our development team makes sure you access software components by users regardless of what operating systems they might be using, such as Windows, Mac etc. With the variety of Internet browsers available for use nowadays, such as Internet Explorer, Firefox and Bing (to name a few), users seldom run into issues with software compatibility.

We design and develope websites, software systems, content management systems, Android and IOS applications, and many more. More importantly, we provide custom software to feel the gap of your business size and geographical coverage.


CMS Development

We develop robust and secure content management systems to help you manage the creation, interaction and modification of digital content, small to big enterprise.


Management Software

We develope staff and employee management software to help your organisation track every aspect of day to day activities, plus data that can be used in decision making.



We create incredible visual eCommerce websites for you to sell your products 27/7 all year long with an all in one dashboard to also help you track sales from small to big markets.


App Development

You are a multi product company who wish to satisfy each client, we develope an app for you to reach your clients as well as keeping them informed about your recent offers.


Enterprise Resource Planning

ERPs unify your IT costs and improve efficiency. Total Visibility. Improved Reporting and Planning. Flexible Modularity. Improved Efficiency. Customer Service. Data Security and Quality. Improved Collaboration and Workflows


Custom Software

We understand demands and challenges that fall under the way of managing business or projects. We can customize your desirable software needs to get you there.