About Us

Alpha codes was founded in 2014 with a mission to fill the gap and provide practical software and IT solutions to companies and individuals in East Africa. Our committed developers work as a team to ensure efficient and effective performance of our customers software, CMS and websites. Our team oversees all the basic and advanced software specifications. We provide fast web hosting servers that can host small to big projects including eCommerce projects.

About Alpha Codes

Since our start, our robust, secure and user friendly work has reputed us worldwide. We have happy clients in Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, Dubai, USA, and Canada. With a team of experienced and advanced skills in web hosting, professional company emails, dynamic website development, content management systems and many more, we have managed to deliver as expected from our customers.

Alpha Codes is currently adding more to their customers' needs by adding intelligence to their applications as well as big data analytics functionalities and capabilities to their projects.

Feel free to reach out by sending us a message via our website form or email us info@alphacodes.io. You can also connect with us on Facebook for our daily updates or follow us on Twitter.